Site map・・ ‥ Guide of this HP*  

HP of sakanachan consists roughly of the following outlines.

Ukulele song of enchantment・・It introduces the ukulele song of the enchantment that Sakanachan sings making it.

Explosion comic & illustration・・・・The explosion comic and the illustration data that Sakanachan drew are put.
*Explosion comic・・"Tarou of two people" is chiefly drawn in constant.
*the illustration・・Illustration gallery (Drawn what indiscriminately)
* beard. (The paper pattern of the beard is opened to the public. It types out and I will apply it. )
*Small clothes memo(Hit on ..what of the image of small articles of live... )

Sakanachan*ukurere kazin HP TOP・・・Entrance HP of all HP. Diary and the entire activity situation is being opened to the public.
*Ukulele diary・・It was every day, feeling, and the recommendation are being written.

meel・・・Hoping for contacting to relish : to Cotira please.

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