sakanachan*ukurerekajin About me

Welcome it came from the distance to this site.
My name is Sakanachan*.
It sings while chiefly playing the ukulele.

I play the ukulele in 1995 and am singing.
Because the revelation of the Toshicami was received.
The god said.
, saying that "Sing the humming of the mind".
The ukulele is fit musical instruments in the humming of the mind.

The representative tune includes "Become sleepy", "Tacol and Icas", and "Take a ride on a bicycle", etc. It acts, it starts, and ten years already. It has acted with Nororinorori as turtle's walking. →The activity record is here.
The cartoon and the illustration are drawn with the ukulele as a lifework.
This HP of where.. has been renewed on the day in each ♪
glad if it can also enjoy oneself also over the beer and tea while drinking.
Forever my best regards.

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