Sakanachan*Ukulele kajin English HP

Welcome. Here is HP of Sakanachan*Ukulele kajin.
The ukulele kajin is a person who sings the song of making by oneself or another work while playing the ukulele.
In this HP, the work of making of sakanachan * ukulele kajin by oneself puts and it exists. Please enjoy it with.

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*Sakanachan*ukulele kajin news 05・04・23*

How is you?
The net radio was started.
Please hear it though only Japanese when it is good.
It is possible to hear it from the music corner.
Additionally, please see the ukulele diary about the activity of every day.

*Here when there are a question to Sakanachan * ukulele kajin, an encouragement, contacting hope or a demand concerning the site, etc.

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